Mental Health Gamified. Why I Talk to a Finch

Meet Peter, my Wellness Finch friend!

Peter is my Finch friend. Don’t believe me?

See that.

This is an app called Finch. It’s a nearly complete wellness app in one adorable, fun, motivating package.

The premise is that you begin to set small goals and gain energy to hatch an egg. Then you name your new baby Finch and personalize them. You then continue working with your goals and the program to gain more energy for your Finch to grow. Rainbow Stones are earned by achievements and are your currency to personalize your little friend.

Shut up and take my Stones!
Perfect for his new sporty style!

While Peter’s on a sporty health kick at the moment. They have had many phases over our four plus months together.

Peter’s King of Love look.
When they got into thrifting.
Were into fluffy.
Went to Bali to celebrate Pride.
Obligatory hippie phase.

You can start Journeys (basically habit building) in different categories, such Mindfulness, fitness and health, work life balance, a cleaner home, etc. You then add goals/habits to hit on scheduled days over time. Earn rewards from the daily practice goals and leveling up on your Journeys!

Some of my Journeys with Peter.
Suggestions to get you started.
Tons of suggested content to explore and mine.

The app has nearly a full range of wellness content in one space. Breathwork, movement, Mindfulness, loving kindness, gratitude practices and journaling. Instead of twenty apps you ignore, you can keep one well. Bonus extra memory on your device.

Here is some of what lies inside each category.

Reflections are writing exercises to help you to see yourself and the world more clearly. Or just to Rant or remember something funny.
One of my favorites. The breathing exercises for any situation.
Ambient noise tracks with different themes that you can customize.
Ways to practice loving kindness in your life.
Do a quick mental health check in.
Ways to get your body stretched and moving. Even on the couch!
The Panic zone is useful. Especially the Rant feature. Helpline is a touch of the screen away. For tough days, you can choose goals like Get Out of Bed. “We’ve all been there,” the app assures.
Suggestions based on time of day, mood, interests.
Some of my goals with their Journey in a different color.

The more content you explore and use, the more energy and goals you hit towards each of your Journeys. And more goodies to spoil your Finch.

Leveling up my Journey towards not living in a pig sty.
Woo! New Tee and Rainbow Stones to spend!

Everyday you build up your Finch’s energy so they can go out exploring, learn and grow! Yes, grow. The farther you progress, the older your Finch grows. They go from a Infant, to Child, to *gasp* Teenager, to Adult. This is the most fraught process for me as a Finch parent.

Here’s a peek at Peter exploring.

He’s exploring the Sonoran Desert now.

When they come home, they have questions.

*Click to expand.

Yes, the personality of this little creature depends on you! Your actions, habits, and responses to them affect the growth of their character. (No pressure.)

From 9 o’clock, clockwise: Security, Curiosity, Tenacity, Logic, Compassion, and Extroversion. I’ve worked hard to give Peter the Security and Compassion they need to fill out their Personality.
After they become an adult, they leave Finchie Forest. I sent my spoiled bird to Bali!
Your answers also can control their likes and dislikes. What can I say? It’s hard to get kids to eat broccoli.

I’m noting here that your information is stored in your device, not uploaded to a server, in order to ensure your privacy is protected. You can download save files, to reload to another device. Because the app is looking at you too!

It judges your moods with check-ins and tags in your Reflections and Goals.
Note when I had Covid in June. Got disgusted into cleaning. And my Adventure of Mindful Walking and the Lost Cell Phone with Good Bluetooth.
You get updates on you and your Finch’s progress, mood changes, goals hit, and what’s lifting you up or weighing you down.

I know it seems like a lot to process, but the more you use it the more benefit you get. Especially as you start to explore the reports on yourself. You also learn how to manage your goals to better suit your needs, while handling triggers, anxiety, depression and even trauma.

If you’re wondering, is it social? Heck yeah. But it’s controlled by you and your prospective Finch Friend. Two users must share their codes to connect. Soon you have the beginnings of a Wellness support circle!

Peter’s friends right now.
Suggestions on supporting your Finch Friends!
Choose a Finch Friend.
I am a big fan of sending dance.
And more XP rewards!
You can even hang and explore with Friends.

I went to this length to cover a digital pet wellness app because it has helped me put in the work towards all of my goals and positive habit building. Finch app helps me integrate and track my goals, augments my therapy, and teaches me coping strategies. But above all, it’s fun!

A gamified approach to anything is a successful approach. Think of why you play games. Challenges. Quests. Rewards. Little celebrations with special achievements, awards, unlocks. Character/avatar creation and personalization. Exploration. Work, practice, time. It all comes from the mindset that drives you to play a game!

My absolute favorite goal. I go totally Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill on this one. And it works!

Life is frustrating and difficult. But gamifying your outlook turns disappointing moments into learning and the drive to keep at the Boss Battle of life. Also, as the Finch app reminds you, you can try to climb Il Duomo, build that base, slay that dragon, renew your quest for global supremacy again tomorrow. The one thing about life, though, is you can’t simply rage quit. And that’s where your Finch comes in.

Remembering you have an adorable little friend who relies on you, nevermind your actual friends and loved ones, keeps you in the game. So, I hope you give the Finch app a try.

Premium is $6 month. But the resources and fun make it worth it. If you cannot afford a Premium subscription, you can get a Finch Guardian sponsor, or win a raffle for free months. Finch app is family friendly, allows you to customize or change names, pronouns, colors, skin tones, and emojis to suit you. But really, if you can’t love yourself, your Finch helps you learn to love yourself through a loving an adorable friend. Amazing concept for my new favorite app!

Peter’s tired now. But he’ll be there for me tomorrow to help me care for myself because I care about this little digital bird.

Use Finch app? Want to join me in normalizing wellness and help one another? Contact me here! Let’s be Finchie Friends!

– JL βœŒπŸΌπŸ’šπŸ––πŸΌπŸ£

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