About Me

My Dad used to tell me The Story of Everything. It began with The Big Bang and ended with a brown-eyed girl named Jessie. So, as the culmination of all preceding history of the Cosmos, I must learn everything and how it all fits! As a writer of fiction and screenplays this driving curiosity, an ear for voice and dialect, plus a store of history, science, myth, art, literature and film allow me to explore people and worlds near and far; give voice to the long past, the silent, or yet to be discovered.

Aside from storytelling, history and language, I’m Tolkien/Trek class nerd. Right now I’m digging my new life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore: fishing, crabbing, exploring with my Border Collie, Abbey Road, fixing up our new house.

I’m a yoga and mindfulness fan, strummer of songs, eternal seeker, friend, daughter, sibling and crazy person seeking to upgrade to “eccentric.”

I love playing Battlefront as Kylo Ren, wandering around Skyrim as an Elvish conjurer, and building empires to stand the test of time in Civilization. I live with my former USMC hero and bestie.

Here’s some pics of my recent life. Scroll down for more “About Me!”

More “About Me”

Born in Philadelphia, raised in New Jersey, The Chesapeake is now my home. I graduated with honors in Film from The University of the Arts. I have been honored many times over for my writing and film work, including by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (see my Awards N Such). I also spent three years in Costa Rica where I taught English as a Second Language and worked on Spanish to English translations. I’ve worked as a freelance writer for about 15 years. Check out what I’ve been up to in Current Projects! Click to initiate First Contact.
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