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Rey Power


I just needed to post something about how fierce Rey is here fighting her captor Kylo Ren. Kick some ass for all of us girlfriend.

The Astronomer



do not follow mine


An astronomer


distant bodies

in dark maths

where they fall

and never light

ellipses of brilliance

through obscure orbits

I perceive

and comprehend







Oh, But I Do


people see no worth in you


I wanna stay in bed today. And if I must get up, I’m keeping on my pj’s.

I wanna drink coffee and flop around the couch until eleven.

I wanna watch videos called “The Philosophy Behind…”

I wanna take a shower at noon, and put my pj’s back on.

I’ll read a book from one until two-thirty. Then I’ll take a nap.

I wanna watch a movie I’ve seen before.

And then talk about it till late.



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