Jessica Lakis Current Works

Screenplays and other Current Projects by Jessica Lakis


Look on my works…

THE BLOOD DHARMA weaves an exotic tale of love, betrayal and revenge during the terror of the Indian Mutiny against the British.

EL BEISBOL follows a young American ex-pat living in Costa Rica, who finds personal redemption through baseball.

CHILDREN OF SATURN focuses on the struggle of a local doctor and his unlikely friends to maintain their humanity through a desperate fight to stay alive in the cold isolation of a shipping outpost on Saturn’s moon Titan.

BLOCK, “The Human Equation” Pilot for hour-long series. When broke and lonely Marine, Clayton Forrester, moves to Los Angeles, he discovers more than just a roommate in the mysterious adventures of super-nerd extraordinaire, Catherine Kincaid (CK) Block.

MEMOIRS OF A TRAVELER: In the Beginning —  First part of an ebook series, as recounted to Jessica Lakis by a traveler from an antique land.

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