In Which I Sing: The Pogues

As you may have noticed, I have not been particularly active on this or other written social media. There are good reasons for that, which are for another post. However, I have been finding an outlet in music.

I refurbished my Dad’s old 1964 Guild guitar, and have been reteaching myself to play. I look for songs that say something to me about my life, and just let me work out difficult feelings.

So, I’m taking a bold step in posting a piece of music I’ve been working on for a bit. The name of the song is The Old Main Drag by, The Pogues. So, check out my cover! I can take the criticism — a positive legacy of art school. Singing and the guitar have saved my life this summer. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a hint.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Should I post more music? Lemme know!

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4 responses to “In Which I Sing: The Pogues

  • Deborah Geltz

    Great job. You make me want to sit down at The piano so that we can have a sing along. Good Brain workout too.

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    • JLakis

      Tankee berry bunch! I enjoy it. It keeps me from worrying about other random problems that my brain makes up. Also, apart from the singing, it’s a different way to express yourself and communicate. Even if it’s only for yourself. But I agree. We should get together and play. Stan is eyeing up the banjo! All we need is a washboard player. And someone to play the jug!😃


  • Timothy Moody

    I liked it! Lovely piece. I think it’s fantastic that you are using your love of music as another way to express your feelings and yourself. And choosing songs that reflect that. Neat, too, that you’re playing your Dad’s guitar. I’m certain he would like that. Keep it going!

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