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Notes to Self: Topics to Not Discuss at Parties


For pictorial reference

Recent social interactions have caused me to review what I consider topics of general interest. Apparently, not everyone finds my interests interesting. A fascinating revelation. So I’ve compiled a list of subjects and terms that I should avoid to better facilitate my desire to socialize.

1) Anything in the Tolkien universe that DOES NOT appear in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies.

2) Linguistics in general. The history of the English language and Tolkien’s languages of Middle Earth in particular.

3) Referring to the Id, Ego, and Super-Ego as the “Bones, Kirk, and Spock”, respectively.

4) Referring to the Id, Ego, and Super-Ego, as well as Jungian theories, and  the works of Joseph Campbell.*

5) Making overly specific Star Trek references. Phasers, Red Shirts, and sexy green aliens, etc are acceptable. Avoid discussions of Klingon culture, the physics of Warp travel, and Data’s poetry.

That’s my starter list. Contributions are welcome. I look forward to adding to this list as I seek out and discover more blank stares and awkward silences!

*Some references to Joseph Campbell are allowed when speaking of Star Wars, or in the company of screenwriters.


The fab four stages of my needing a haircut.

Ladies and gentleman: My Haircut! Follow the gear fab layers my hair gets up (and down!) to as it slowly descends into post-apocalyptic madness before finally groping its way through the fires of Mordor (where it presumably ends up in the toilet after being bitten off)! We are pleased to bring you: The Spock, The Arthur, The Daryl and The Frodo. And, while it pains me that this may be necessary, I’ll link to “The Arthur” to explain.

PS – Currently reaching critical Frodo. I cannot recall the snip of a scissor, the smell of product or what my neck looks like…

Lord of the Things

Lord of the Things

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