JKHOA: Pt. 2.5 And I Feel Fine

That and love are all you need.

That and love are all you need.

Imagine if you will, being trapped in a world made of snow. Now imagine that you’ve watched all of Netflix and YouTube. Furthermore, consider that nothing you ordered could be delivered anyway. On top of that, I submit that you need a haircut because you look like a hobbit mated with a wookie. And you didn’t even realize it was Friday because time got snowed out as well.

Look ahead! On the left! You’ve entered my Snowlight Zone!

Consider the case of one Jessica Lakis. Yesterday she didn’t know whether or not she wanted to punch someone or cry in the corner. Or punch someone in a corner while crying. The point is, she was in a bad way.

Now enter a not particularly mysterious personage, possibly strange, but not unfamiliar. Imagine that she got Ms. Lakis out of the house. They got hair cuts. And they spent some money on some new nail polish and yoga pants.

Upon returning to her home, Ms. Lakis put on The Beatles and painted her nails black and red. And her hair can shake like a Beatle again. Wooooo!

Who knew that such a little thing, could have such a large effect on the mindset of just one young woman? Only here inside The Snowlight Zone.



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