The Cambridge Chronicles. Part 1 Cambridge Can!

I’m having a change of a change of heart. When we first came down to scope this town for our move, we loved it. We fell in love. And all schmoopie eyed, we came here for a job offer.

The three months we waited at the hotel until we found a house were nearly intolerable. I am at least glad that my suspicion of our real estate agent and his job wasn’t paranoia, but my bullshit detector. Cold comfort for pain.

Once we got in several crises popped up. I need a therapist. So I need insurance. So I need. . . Once that was over, a few surprises turned up. One was freaking Covid.

Covid tested my delicate grasp of reality. I’m still just getting my energy and stamina back. Stan did not get it or was asymptomatic before I caught it. But honestly I’m glad I’m all vaxxed so I don’t go to the hospital and DIE. I also isolated and wore my mask, so as to NOT endanger others.

There was also the discovery that we cannot make front facing changes to our house without consulting a “Historical Preservation Society.” What? Excuse me? This was some oyster shucker’s and his forty closest relations. Like it’s Cape May or Haddonfield. Or Independence Park.

It had me in a twist for a bit, along with life. Although, as I recover from Covid, I’ve fallen in love again. And even kinda giggle. Some of the best aspects are facts like I can walk to fish. I can walk anywhere in town in 20 minutes

I knew it had a bus system. But I was looking and listening for big city buses. Like Septa. But then Stan pointed me to the short buses everywhere. Those were the buses! I mean, great routes, but “Aw, Cambridge!”

Which is when I also realized that the houses around here, even the nice ones, aren’t that nice. Tenements, big house, some about Civil War, most 1890-1920. But, you know, they’re cute.

So, now I gotta laugh at the Historical Preservation Society. It’s so earnest.

“Cambridge Can!” is the name of the local neighbor’s society. And that about sums the place up. Short buses, oyster shuckers, and clapboard houses next to form stone. But you can fish! Take the bus. Walk. Crab. Swim. Some nice restaurants and cute shops! Rhys Darby should be mayor.

Cambridge Can!

-JL πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ’šπŸ––πŸΌπŸ€“

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